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11 March 2009 @ 04:38 pm
What's the worst job you've ever had?

CUSTOMER SERVICE.the worst job on earth.if you like being called shithead 50 times a day then you can apply for this job.there's a lot of vacancy, though.
28 May 2007 @ 08:19 pm
I would like to request to anybody who already downloaded Yorokobi No Uta to uploaded it on Mediafire please..... I had been dying to watch this PV since the preview was out and nobody here uploaded it on MF. I couldn't download from MU and SS because it have restriction in my place. Please... anybody can you please upload it into Mediafire.....
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Hi, I'm aishriena and I must say that I'm quite a new fan of NEWS. An I really hope this post is allowed, yeah? I like their new song Hoshi wo Mezashite so much especially after reading the translation made by somebody. I really forgot who it is but I really thank her for translating the song. The PV is also awesome. Thus, I decided to insert the translation of the song and the romanji lyric so that you can sing along and understand the beautiful lyric. I don't know if anybody had done this before in the community. I started to like this song after reading the translation because I think the lyric is really related to NEWS and the situation that they had gone through before that had made them stronger than ever now. So, I decided to share the PV that I had made (It's the original PV but with translation and romanji lyric) with minna-san. If you find the translation unaccurate or anything, I'm so sorry but I think the one who translated it had gone through the kanji of the song carefully so hopefully there won't be any mistakes. There is also some very little problem with the video but it does not affect anything though. Here's the youtube video of the PV:

Sing along to the song!Collapse )

This way to the download linkCollapse )
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23 February 2007 @ 05:46 pm
I know minna have already done a lot on kame's graphics and fanvids. And I also know that minna had prepared a lot of picspam for our prince and I actually just didn't want to be left out as his 'dai' fan so I decided to make a simple fanvid as a tribute. My original intention was also to make a picspam but I know that most of you (especially kitt) had already done it. So, I stay overnight to complete this fanvid that consists of my favorite pictures and videos of him from his junior days into becoming Ryu, Shuji, Yuya, Hiroto and Kame that we know today. This vid is actually a picspam because I use a lot pictures from my hard drive but I tried editing it to be interesting (Yet I don't know if it is interesting enough or not) by inserting his appearance in his pv and so. The theme for my vid is happy Kame because I'm sure he is very happy now celebrating his birthday. I use two of the songs that he composed the lyric himself as background song that is Kizuna and Special Happiness. I'm actually quite new in making fanvids so I hope minna can watch this and give your comments, k?

Kame Is The King Of Our SoulCollapse )

My fave pics of himCollapse )

I wish Kame a merry and happy 21st birthday and hope that he'll continue to work hard in KAT-TUN to entertain us and become the best actor and singer ever!!

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